Natcore’s solar cell structure technology provides low-cost, high-efficiency solution

Natcore Technology Inc. (TSX.V: NXT) is a solar R&D company creating technology that promises to make solar energy even more cost-competitive with energy derived from fossil fuels. Natcore is changing how solar cells are made by aggressively developing two technologies: low-cost, all-back-contact solar cell structures; and black silicon cells. In doing so, they have replaced high-cost silver with low-cost aluminum, which translates into significant cost savings.

In this interview, Brien Lundin speaks with Doug Casey about the state of the solar energy field in general and Natcore’s solar cell structure technology. He goes on to talk about the royalty structure that the company is planning to implement and who their technology will be marketed towards. Brien also speaks about the benefits of Natcore’s technology to the end consumer. Finally, Brien discusses Natcore’s plan to commercialize their technology within 24 months and incoming revenue from the consulting arm of the business.