Proximity to major lithium-ion battery production demand is key for Global Li-Ion

Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp. (CSE: LION) is focused on the exploration and development of graphite projects for the emerging energy storage industry. They intend to become a principle supplier of graphite to the rapidly growing lithium ion battery industry — including Tesla’s expansive Nevada Gigafactory and others slated to open globally.
In this interview, Jason Walsh, Chairman of Global Li-Ion, speaks with Hannah Bernard on why the company is focused on graphite. Principle among reasons is that it is a major component of an ion battery, and graphite is one of the last energy metals to catch up to the likes of lithium and cobalt.
With China producing approximately 80% of the world’s graphite and graphite oxide and India having an aggressive plan to implement fossil fuel-free vehicles by 2035, Global Li-Ion’s projects in Madagascar could prove to be in an ideal location. The Chedic Mine, outside of Carson City, Nevada, is 20 minutes away from Tesla’s Gigafactory. The third graphite project is the Neuron Project outside of Thompson, Manitoba — thought to be one of the richest graphite discoveries in North America.
Jason discusses Global Li-Ion’s partnership with BEGO Technologies. BEGO has developed a process to take graphite to graphene. Jason explains that when graphite is replaced with graphene in an ion battery, the battery charges fasters, holds its charge longer, operates cooler, and becomes lighter in weight.
Jason describes Global Li-Ion Graphite as a well-structured company that is well-financed. The company was able to use stock as a currency to secure premium assets, and he sees the market in the beginning of a commodity curve.