Ultra-low cost carrier Canada Jetlines plans to be profitable, while averaging base fares below $100


Canada Jetlines Ltd. (TSX.V: JET) (OTC: JETMF) is set to become Canada’s first ultra-low fare airline. Jetlines was created to serve the millions of Canadians living in unserved or underserved markets across the country with a goal to provide a much-needed alternative to the unreasonably high cost of air travel. The company is run by a management team and board of directors with extensive experience in running low-cost airlines, raising money, as well as providing excellent customer service and value for all stakeholders.

In this interview, Stan Gadek, CEO of Canada Jetlines, speaks with Hannah Bernard about the company’s vision of becoming Canada’s first ultra-low cost carrier offering super low-based fares to passengers throughout North America.

When asked what makes Jetlines attractive to customers and investors, Stan discusses the dramatic changes in technology in the airline business. To lower costs, all ticket sales will be done over the internet, effectively eliminating the high distribution costs mainline carriers have. In addition, customers will be able to use their smart devices to make bookings and to check in for their flight at the time of sale. This method makes the process of buying and flying easier and accessible while providing a lower ticket price to the customer.
Stan explains that the company is following the proven ultra-low cost carrier model adopted by many other successful brands such as Ryanair, easyJet, Spirit, and Allegiant, just to name a few. These models are profitable due to the associated ultra-low costs. By stimulating demand, they generate market share shift from incoming carriers who sell their tickets at high prices, and Jetlines is aiming to recreate that in Canada. Very soon, Canada Jetlines Ltd. (TSXV: JET) (OTC: JETMF) will provide Canadians a way to travel easily, and easier on the wallet.