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Explorex’s recent acquisition of the Hautalampi project in Finland has the company very excited

Explorex Resources (CSE: EX) Inc. is a junior mining company focused on the acquisition of projects hosting elements critical to the efficiency of rechargeable batteries. With cobalt as a main focus, the company has prioritized projects in Canadian jurisdictions with historic cobalt production.

Natasha Frakes: Hi, I’m Natasha Frakes and you’re watching Market One Minute. Joining us is Gary Schellenberg, CEO and Director of Explorex. Thank you so much for being here.
Gary Schellenberg: Well thanks for having me.
Natasha Frakes: Can


Looking for opportunity in the current uranium market

Leading uranium and vanadium discovery in Argentina.

Leading uranium and vanadium discovery in Argentina.

by Jason Smith

Blue Sky Uranium finds cause for optimism in Argentina

Uranium prices have plummeted in recent years, as Japan’s nuclear power industry has continued to recover very slowly from the Fukushima disaster in 2011.
Nuclear power remains a


Is graphite the next battery metal bull market?

natural flake graphite from Lomiko’s La Loutre property

50+ mesh natural flake graphite from Lomiko’s La Loutre property

By: Jason Smith

Lomiko Metals is betting the answer is “yes”

The electric vehicle boom has put demand pressure on lithium-ion batteries and their component metals.
But while initial investor focus has largely been on the resulting increase in dem