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Empowering consumers, patients and pharmacists

Valens' senior extraction specialist and technician is huddled around a refining machine in the lab.

One of Valens’ senior extraction specialist and technicians in the heat of the refining process.

By Jason Smith

• Government action on drug pricing has had unintended consequences for community pharmacies and healthcare

• Avricore Health’s offering helps pharmacists grow revenues, enhance role in


Increasing profits by enhancing plant growth and quality while combatting climate change

Scientific grow tent for young pepper plants that were CO2 Foliar Sprayed.

By Kevin Silva

• Increased levels of atmospheric CO2 gas enhance plant development

• Successful testing and Commercial Agreements demonstrate profound yield enhancements using CO2 GRO’s Foliar Spray that dissolves CO2 gas without bubbles

• CO2 Foliar Spray technology is attracting a wide range of ag


Making cannabis markets accessible to investors

CGOC’s diversified portfolio provides long-term success in cannabis investing.

By Mehar Ally

• It is recommended that investors do their research before investing in the volatile cannabis market

• Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp. takes the guesswork out of investing and helps investors navigate the cannabis space to minimize risk

• With an experienced team,