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Cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream, so what’s next?

Netcoins Bitcoin ATM application running on a mobile device in a kitchen setting.

Netcoins Bitcoin ATM application running on a mobile device.

by Jason Smith

Netcoins’ simple ATM-like app seeks to increase consumer access to crypto

The headline numbers for Bitcoin in late 2017 underscore the feeding frenzy surrounding cryptocurrencies. With a single Bitcoin trading for almos


Permex Petroleum’s projects are in one of the hottest regions in North America

Permex Petroleum (CSE: OIL) is a uniquely positioned junior oil & gas company with assets and operations across the Permian Basin of west Texas and the Delaware Sub-Basin of south east New Mexico. Permex focuses on combining its low-cost development of Held by Production assets for sustainable growth with its current and future Blue-Sky projects for scale growth. The company through its wholly owned subsidiary Permex Petroleum US Corporation is a licensed operator in both states; and owns and operates on Private, State and Federal land.

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Democracy in medicine

The PreveCeutical team look towards a machine.

PreveCeutical team (left to right), Dr. Parekh, Dr. Khaled, Riaz Rajan, Shabira Rajan and CEO Stephen Van Deventer.

by Peter Kenter

PreveCeutical strives to create low cost therapies to target the biggest global health problems

The pharmaceutical industry continues to produce a breathtaking array of breakthrough medications. Howe